Design Concepts

  1. Aesthetics of Patterns

Our strength is that we are specialists to create unique and suitable surface designs for our initiative merchandise textiles and various kind of lifestyle products.
Our designs are decoratively artistic and remind you textiles are one of the most familiar arts in your life.

  1. Magic of Colors

We often use pellucid colors just like the clear air you feel in norland.
Colors we choose are bright and fun but not garish and give sophisticated and soft impression.
Those stylish and beautiful colors enrich your mind and show you our brand’s origin.

  1. Mixed Culture

We embody the esprit of modern art based on traditional patterns all over the world from east to west in our designs.
While capturing the atmosphere of new generation, we design like gently talking to people’s mind; what we express through our designs is something invisible but certainly exist in your mind.

Design Themes

  • Romantic mood with story nature
  • Motifs leading mind to nostalgic scenery
  • Fairy tales created with playful mind
  • Artistic fantasy
  • A world pure-minded angels and witch live together

Designing is magic. Designers are creative illusionists!